- Accommodation for short periods in Brescia -

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- One-room & two room apartments for short term accommodation -

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- Convenient solutions for workers, students, tourists and families -

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Short-term accommodation in Brescia with transient rentals
Immediate and cost-effective solutions for your needs to stay in the city.
We offer ONE-room and TWO room apartments for short period
for people and families who come in Brescia for work, study, medical care, tourism and recreation.
Apartment for rents / Accomodations are mediation free
our offers are free of mediation because all apartments are our properties.
All the pleasure of staying in one apartment
with the freedom, the services and the privacy of a home.
Thanks to our solutions you will stay
You’ll feel at home, maintaining your habits and your comfort.
Here below some proposals for a short-term apartment in Brescia:
Discover all the pro of an accommodation for a short period of time.
Find out the reasons for choosing one of our accommodation.
Convenience, freedom and total privacy

An apartment at your full disposal means more space where you can live, study, work, cooking and not only overnight accommodation. Enjoy total freedom of schedules, more privacy, more independence and greater cost-effectiveness.

Total indipendence and many services

A furnished apartment, complete with kitchen and main services typical of a home, allows you a greater independence without impositions of timetables. You can have breakfast according to your needs and also the freedom of cooking anytime your preferred dishes. You can also save money washing your laundry at home, doing your beloved hobby and also organize a dinner by inviting your friends.

A full apartment at your disposal

A rental for short term transitional, limited to a few weeks or a few months, provides for the signing of an agreement in the short term. The apartment, one-room or two-room, is fully furnished and equipped with kitchen and its equipment such as tableware, cutlery, cooking utensils, refrigerator, stove, washing machine, the drying room and ironing facilities. At the end of the agreed rental period there is no renewal. There are no additional expenses for the opening and closure of utilities such as water, electricity and gas. The cost of various utilities it is upon consumption. On balance, you will get an important savings.